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Admired Artist for January 2013

Glass Garden Jeweler – Mark Slaven

Mark makes beautiful wire wrapped dichroic pendants.  You can find Mark and his wife at art shows throughout the United States and every July, right here in Ann Arbor at the Ann Arbor Art Fair!  His work is beautiful and very affordable.   I have many pieces myself.

Please note, you don’t have to wait for an art fair to come to your area, you can easily order online.  There you will find a collection of pendants, bracelets, earrings, ring holders and chains.  Mark’s Glass Garden has many great gifts for others and at these prices, don’t forget to treat yourself!

Admired Artist for December 2012


Helen is an amazing artist from Ann Arbor. I have
known Helen since she was in the 6th grade. Her love of drawing has taken her
across the state, from east to west, north to south in our nation and around the
world! If she is not on the road or flying somewhere, you can find Helen at
numerous events including the Ann Arbor Art Fair every July or at her studio in
Ann Arbor. Her technique is as unique as she is. I have admired her since she
was that young middle schooler, but her work makes me smile and feel proud to
say that I know her. Check out Helen’s work, you may find something that will
be perfect for your home!

Admired Artist for November 2012

Andrew and Alicia run One
Heron Pond Studio from their property in Deming, Washington on Mount Baker
Highway. Currently, Andrew makes his pottery for sale at Good Earth Pottery in
Fairhaven Washington, the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, and other galleries and
craft shows in the region. He also teaches classes for both interested beginners
and experienced potters. His wife Alicia, a photographer, is also a part of One
Huron Pond Studio is busy creating beaded jewelry, which you can also find on
their site.

No worries if you do not
live close to Seattle, these artists will take your requests, hand make your
desires and send it to you with lots of love!