With my Photography, I candidly capture the lifestyles of my clients!

Z.E.N. Photography Lifestyles came about when I had my son Zachary Evan in 2002. His energy and playfulness seem the exact opposite of his Z.E.N. initials, but every now and then I am actually lucky enough to capture it!

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a young girl. Through the many stages of my life, I continue to carry my Nikon camera wherever I go. My love of photography seems to come from deep within my soul, capturing nature and people in their natural environment. With my photography, I candidly capture the lifestyle of my clients.

Z.E.N. Photography Lifestyles has a focus on family, pets, sports, travel, fun and charities. Services include creating specialized photo books, such as baby, kids, garden, heritage and lifestyle books, along with unique note cards, and all occasion cards.