Bring Change To Mind

Originally I was going to share this site Bring Change To Mind in my January Charity section, but in light of what has happened recently in Newtown, Connecticut, I am posting it earlier.  My blog site is not meant to be political or opinionated about big issues.  It’s to show the wonderful lives of the children, families and our pets enjoying our ZEN Lifestyles.  I think this tragedy has touched so many in our world that I feel it important to share a site that a friend had recently posted on Facebook.  Her son, like so many other sons, daughters, parents and grand parents struggle with mental illness. My own mother suffered for years with bi-polar disease, so I know first hand how difficult it is to be the helpless one trying so desperately to find the right help for your struggling loved one.

Like most, I am heartbroken for the families who lost their children, worried for the first responders who will never forget what they saw, but did their jobs to help save others and get answers as quickly as possible, and saddened that those with a mental illness have such a difficult time getting help when they need it, before their illness takes over and hurts others..

Bring Change To Mind
and kids alike are dealing with mental illness in our world. Unfortunately,
most people do not look at it as an illness. Bring Change To Mind is
working to erase the stigma of mental illness. You can help by reading their
website, having an open mind as to how this illness takes over someones life
and how you can help to understand what someone dealing with a mental illness is
going through. With this kind of understanding, you can bring awareness and and
help remove misconceptions for others. Consider holding a drive or even send a
donation their way to help us Bring Change To Mind.

May we find a way to make a positive change for everyone.

Many blessing to you all

Janice K. Nelson