Charity of the Month for January

ADHD Awareness                                        

Having a son with ADHD has brought a lot of awareness
to this cause for my family. It took us years before we finally gave in to the label, but honestly we are now traveling down much happier trails. With support
and knowledge and sometimes medication, life can get much easier.

Our extremely bright son has a great memory, but has short-term memory problems daily.  His organizational skills are a huge struggle, yet he can remember details with facts in no time.  His tic sounds, coughing and movements are questioned by many and varying in degree day to day.  These are difficult for others to understand at times, but we’ve been told he will outgrow these in a few years.

Many times it is very difficult for others to understand what a child with ADHD is going through and what the parents and family deal with every day.  The simplest of requests can turn into a number of guiding yet ultimately exhausting requests to get one thing done.  As parents, we learn that our child may need more time to walk away from a task that he is engaged in, or that he may get more frustrated when he doesn’t think he’s being heard. We’ve learned and we are still learning how to deal with the emotions of our son.

It’s never
normal at our house, whatever that is, but as my cousin says, we have a drummer that marches
to the beat of his own drum and we embrace that beat every day with much