We’ve Got The Perfect Gift!

GIFT CERTIFICATES from Z.E.N. Photography Lifestyles can be a great way for one or more people to contribute to a special gift for family and friends.  
To purchase, email ZENPhotographyLifestyles@gmail.com 
HOLIDAY SPECIAL PRICE Gift certificates purchased by December 16th can be used to save $100 on either of the following Z.E.N. packages.
1. A spring time photo shoot with photo book Sale price: $250
2. A family heritage book  Sale price: $450
Also on sale, personalized 2013 photo Calendars – with photos on the cover, at the top of each month and up to 12 special days chosen for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Sale price: $40

Gift certificates can be purchased for the calendar.  Please note that all calendars will be made in January 2013 with your photos from 2012 or if you would like to add a photo shoot to this package Sale price: $250 inclusive (photo shoot with calendar).



Bring out the old boxes of photos, you know the ones of you as a child and the other boxes that hold your parents old black and whites! Your intentions have been good to put those in order and into a more organized album, but there never seems to be enough time to do it.

Z.E.N. Photography will take care of this big project for you!

We create 3 types of beautiful Family Heritage Books.

1. With photos only

2. Each photo captioned with names

3. Tell your family story. Photos with added journaling about your family.

We believe in taking the time to capture your family stories and trasform these “old photos in a box” into a bound hard covered book that you can share and pass down to other family members for years to come.

How do we do this?

1. You gather all those old photos

2. Put them into a timeline order, as much as possible

3. If you know who the people are in each photo, write the names down on a post-it
and stick it onto
    the back of the photo

4. We will meet and talk about the type of book that you invision for your
Family Heritage Book.

5. We create and deliver a fabulous book that you will love to share as gifts, for
each family member
     to hand down for generations.