Travel Photography – Chicago

I LOVE VISITING CHICAGO.  Its bustling pace, endless opportunities and grande views take me in every time I’m there.  Our most recent visit was quick, but even after a lifetime of visiting the windy city, it still surprises me.

This time my son and I explored the Chicago river on an architectural tour.  I now question why I didn’t do this much sooner.  The history of this city and even its buildings, rich with famous architects fills your senses and makes you feel proud to be a part of it…even if you’re not a native. 



Then there are the museums.  Which one to peruse, but honestly, how many times can one go to a museum?  Well, as true museum goers know, as many times as one wants!  We finally bought the family membership at the Museum of Science and Industry with friends (who live there), so we can go again and again and again.  This time we experienced Animals Inside Out.  It was quite amazing and I would recommend it highly.

Of course there’s the food.  During two other adventures, my Yelper-app-happy husband discovered Yolk and Frank and Dawg’s  These were two of his most advantageous finds, along with Girl and the Goat, but I’ll save that review for another time.  All I can say, go hungry and don’t be afraid to try something out-of-the-dog.

To top it off, I snuck out of bed after midnight, gathered my Nikon, reset my speed and ap, and shot away at the beautiful city scape while hubby and son were peacefully sleeping. 
Ahhh…my kind of getaway!