Charity of the Month for October 2012

Every month on the site we will highlight a charity that is dear to my heart on many levels, either
personally or because I know of someone who is dealing with a difficult
situation, an illness, or a disaster. Also, because I care. I care about
people and animals and I truly want to help in any way that I can to make
life better for them. At times we all need help. Maybe it’s difficult to ask
for it or maybe we don’t know how or can’t, but we can all stand up and reach
out a helping hand in whatever way works for us. Again, thank you for reading
and considering to help someone in need.


Huron Valley Humane

1998 I have supported the HVHS in Washtenaw County. We found our first kitten
there, tiny body with these tall ears and a pewter colored nose. She captured
our hearts at first sight. Tabitha, who is now into her teenage people years,
has been through everything in our home. From bringing home a new baby, to a 5
year old rescued dog, to a kitten (which came from HVHS too). She is now very
content laying on our bed all day, soaking up the sun. Her knees and teeth are
giving out on her, which causes her to cry out when we pick her up. Because of
this, she has obtained the nickname of “Cranky”…but we love our old girl very
much. The work that they do at HVHS is wonderful. They are a no kill facility
and will do everything to find a home or rescue shelter for every animal that
comes to them. If you are in the area, you should walk through their wonderful
facility. Who knows, maybe you will find your perfect family member!





An introduction to the Z.E.N. Pets





Our eldest cat. Otherwise known
as “Peeps” and “Cranky.” She is our bed warmer by day and


My son Zach’s 2007 Christmas
present. Blu is a Silver Lab and has been a wonderful addition to our family.
He came to our home from a special family that let us adopt him. We feel so
lucky to have him in our family.


My son’s latest pet, his little
“Maizie” cat to go with his “Blu”. Yes, we are University of Michigan fans!
This little gray kitten came to us through the Huron Valley Humane Society, just
like her big sister Tabitha, but in 2010. She was one of many little kittens
needing a home and her gray fur and little meow lead us to bringing her home for
Zach’s 8th birthday. Having grown up on a small farm, I have always had animals
around me. Our three furry additions have made our family


Huron Valley Humane